Position: Automotive Technician

Job Summary: The automotive technician position is for an experienced technician (Class A or B) in a high-paced environment. Valley Automotive is a two location enterprise with shops in Chester and Stirling New Jersey. We offer climate controlled facilities with easy access, for all technicians, to technological resources to aid in diagnosis and repair. Resources include but are not limited to Identifix techlines and Alldata. At Valley Automotive we operate in a team environment and expect technicians to not only work independently but as a collective to ensure all work is completed. Good customer service skills, organization, and time conscientiousness are a must in order to ensure continued efficiency is maintained. Technicians will often need to manage multiple vehicles and must be able to adapt. Continued exemplary work overtime will afford opportunities for pay raises.

Key Job Duties:

  • Test drive vehicles and be able to understand symptoms present upon driving.

  • Discuss with customers to understand the vehicle problems they are experiencing. After diagnosis discuss options based off of vehicle needs.

  • Inspect vehicles on the lift, be able to diagnosis the problem, develop a plan, and then perform the needed repairs.

  • Be able to troubleshoot difficult situations.

  • Prepare recommendations for repairs and maintenance in the future.

  • Communicate effectively with supervisors about work.

  • Conduct routine maintenance.

  • Follow checklists to ensure all important parts are examined.

  • Be prepared to continuously learn new technologies and systems.


  • Competitive Pay

  • Weekly bonuses based on efficiency

  • Retirement plan and health insurance available

  • Paid vacation time

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